Were you recently in an auto injury in Beckley WV?

Let us correct the damage caused by whiplash.

Don’t let neck injuries from car accidents throw you off.

Car accidents even minor ones can be traumatic, especially when they leave you with a painful neck injury. The culprit is usually whiplash, violent back-and-forth movement in your head and neck. This sudden jerking motion can stretch or tear the muscles and ligaments that support your head and spine. Discs may bulge, tear or rupture, and the vertebrae themselves could be forced out of alignment.

Restore balance to your life.

Dr. Grose can counteract and correct the damage caused by whiplash. With comprehensive, scientifically proven chiropractic care, he will work to restore the natural curvature of your spine, so you can regain your normal range of motion and avoid long-term damage and degeneration. Periodic spinal adjustments will realign your vertebrae and release the pressure on pinched nerves. Over time, you’ll feel the difference as the tension and pain melt away from your neck, head, shoulders and back.


Schedule an appointment today to find out how Dr. Grose can help you recover from the impact of whiplash.

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